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Bear Canyon Painting Contractors commitment to you!
* Minimize the inconvenience of having contractors interrupting your daily life.
* Strive to be diligent and professional to provide you with the best quality.
* Communicate with you as we complete each phase of your project.

What can you tell me about Bear Canyon Painting Contractors?
Bear Canyon Painting Contractors is an experienced, licensed and bonded Painting Contractor that specializes in quality exterior or interior painting for your home or business. We have on staff an ASID Designer, color consultant. Our employees have decades of experience in providing the home and business owner the finest painting and service available.

How is Bear Canyon Painting Contractors different than other painting companies?
We have strict quality requirements and put that in writing with Our Satisfaction Guarantee. Upon completion, we meet with the homeowner to review our documentation and assure their satisfaction. Only then, can we rely on our homeowner’s referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Bear Canyon Painting offer?
Bear Canyon Painting Contractors offers the following services:

  • complete interior painting
    • cabinet refinishing
  • complete exterior painting
    • pool decking resurfacing 
    • garage door rust application
    • garage floor painting
  • expert roof coating service

Does Bear Canyon Painting Contractors provide technical data on the products?
Yes. Our technical data sheets describe the product, uses, typical properties, and advantages. Laboratory testing proves that our products are engineered with the highest standards and far outperform other house paints in elongation, tensile strength, accelerated weathering, fungi resistance, adhesion, flexibility and durability.

Does Bear Canyon Painting have any competition?
No other company offers the quality products and services that Bear Canyon Painting Contractors provides. Our quality paints, dedicated employees, and superior customer service bring you superior value.

How do I get an estimate for my home?
We work by appointment. Submit a form from our site or call us at (520) 546-4100. Roger Robinson, owner, will meet with you and give you a written price upon measuring and inspecting your property. Our written estimate takes into consideration several factors including number of windows, trim, doors, garage, fascia, sophets, absorption of substrate, and detailed work. We are ready to provide our professional service to you.

What about color choice?
Bear Canyon Painting Contractors uses quality paints that are available in 1000’s of color choices.

Does Bear Canyon Painting Contractors offer assistance in choosing the interior color theme?
Bear Canyon Painting work with an ASID Designer – Color Consultant. Our color consultant can change your house into a designer home. Our color stylist has created a palette to help you in mixing, matching and combining color.

Every color will be selected to bring out the beauty in your home. Our colors are specifically chosen for today’s lifestyles.



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