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Great Pool Deck Coating Options You Should Know

When choosing material to pave your pool deck, there are several factors you need to consider. For example, you need to consider, the cost, upkeep and maintenance, durability, slip resistance and how well the deck compliments the environment. The following are pool deck coating options you should know:

Stamped Concrete

If you want to make your pool deck to look like natural slate, brick or flagstone, stampede concrete is the best choice. When painted with dry-shake or stain color hardeners, this type of concrete finishing will look like real stone or bricks. On top of giving your pool deck a natural look, stamped concrete is easier to install as well as maintain.

Wood Decks

Although wood decks are not popular today, some people still use them as pool decks. However, Wood decks do not stand up against the harsh weather, moisture and the chemicals used in treating the pool water. But, if you want your pool to have the look of wood, you can stamp and color concrete to resemble wood planking.

Colored Concrete

This is yet another popular pool decking option. The most common concrete coloring available include; chemical stains, dry-shake hardeners and integral color. It is important to point out that concrete coloring goes hand in hand with stampede concrete. This allows you to replicate the colors you want your pool deck to have. Most pool decks feature lighter colors because they keep the surface cooler and reflect UV rays.

Stenciled Concrete

This is a great alternative to decorative stamping. Stenciling uses throwaway paper cutouts to impart stone or brick patterns in fresh concrete. Stencils come in a wide range of patterns including slate, stone, brick and tile.

Rock-Salt Finished Concrete

Rock salt finish is one of the best ways of adding beautiful texture as well as slip resistance to colored or plain concrete pool decks. This is done by pressing particles of rock salt into freshly installed concrete using a roller and washing them away. This leaves the deck looking beautiful with speckled patterns on the surface.

Brick and tile

This pool deck coating option has been used for years now. Tile is loved by many as pool coping because of its longevity and great appearance. Brick on the other hand is attractive, durable and natural looking material that can be used on pool decks and borders.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposing the aggregate in concrete produces a pebble-like finish that is ideal for pool deck surfaces. This is because exposed aggregate is highly slip resistant. You can make your pool deck more attractive by using an assortment of colors and sizes.

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