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Cleaning painted surfaces

Freshly-painted walls are beautiful, and they can make your home look new again. Yet, even if you’re careful, over time your walls will begin to show wear – Scrapes, holes, scuffs, staining and other damage.

When it’s time to clean your walls, the first step is to clean them lightly with water and a little bit of dishwashing liquid. If that doesn’t work, then try a slightly stronger household cleaner; be sure to read and follow the cleaner’s instructions.

To wash your walls and other painted surfaces, soak a sponge in soapy water, and wring out the excess liquid before scrubbing the wall with light pressure. Dry the cleaned areas with a towel or paper towel. Some glossy painted surfaces can appear dull after repeated washings. If your painted surface looks dull, rub it with a soft cloth.

If the stain is still visible after washing, first touch up the affected area with the appropriate paint before considering repainting the entire surface.

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Choosing the right level of “gloss” for your home

Surfaces finished with semi-gloss and gloss paints are smoother, so they’re generally easier to clean than flat-painted surfaces. If you want a flat or low-sheen finish, we recommend applying only premium-quality interior flat and low-sheen paints, such as the types we use.

Higher-quality paints last longer, they’re more durable, and they’re also easier to wash. The best paints, like those used by Bear Canyon Painting Contractors, will stand up better in the heavy traffic areas, such as around switches and knobs where grime from hands and fingerprints is common.

Top-quality painted surfaces are also easier to clean in areas like kitchens where grease and soot accumulate, and around lamps and other heat sources.

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Choosing the best paint for long-lasting enjoyment

Some paints are better than others. To ensure the longest service and best appearance, at Bear Canyon Painting we recommend and use top-quality paints that last a long time and offer smooth, uniform coverage.

We’ve found that “economy” paints end up costing more over time. When you hire a painting contractor, we recommend that you specify the type, brand, color and finish of paint in the written contract, and then follow up to make sure that your needs are met.

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Choosing the best painting contractor

Anyone can “paint” a house, yet only a professional painting contractor can do the job right and give you consistent, full coverage and superior appearance that will last a long time. Painting is a professional skill which requires years of experience in order to produce beautiful results, so you should choose a painter with plenty of experience.

Also, it’s important to understand that preparing and painting a home involves safety considerations such as working on high ladders, using solvents and other chemicals, and having the right tools and safety equipment to ensure that the job is completed safely.

Bear Canyon Painting Contractors has 28 years of experience in providing Tucson homeowners with superior results. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we have the tools and experience to do the job right.

We’re your best choice for house-painting anywhere in Pima County.

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