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Choosing Your Painting Contractor

The first step toward a beautiful paint job is to choose the best painting contractor. House-painting is a professional skill that can only be learned by years of practice.

Bear Canyon Painting Contractors has the experience and knowledge to prepare and paint your home quickly and cleanly, with a perfect finish that will last for many years to come.

We have the ladders, scaffolds and other tools and special equipment required for thorough painting. Also, we know how to safely and effectively use solvents, chemicals and specialty finishes in order to achieve the best results.

Bear Canyon Painting Contractors has 28 years of leadership in providing Tucson homeowners with superior finishes. We have the knowledge and experience to do the job right, and of course we’re fully licensed and insured.

Bear Canyon Painting Contractors is your best choice for house-painting anywhere in Pima County.


Painting contractor checklist


Use the same specifications for all quotes

For accurate quotations, give the same list of specs and requirements to each contractor you ask to bid; specify the exact paint colors and gloss types you want, and specify a completion date for the work.


Always check customer references

Professional painting contractors should be able to provide you with at least 3 valid customer references. Be sure to ask for references to customers whose jobs are similar in size and type to your own planned painting job. Also, it’s best if the jobs are several years old, so you can assess how well the finish has performed over time.

Be sure to ask the reference customers some questions to determine their level of long-term satisfaction. Once you’ve identified 3 qualified painting companies, you should ask them to come to your home individually and provide their best quotes in writing.


Please read the Bear Canyon Painting Contractors customer testimonials.


Make sure all quotes and contracts are in writing

For best results, make sure that each quote contains the following details in writing:

Complete contact information

Exact specifications of the work to be done, including the areas to be prepared and painted, and the product brand names, colors and gloss levels of the finishes to be applied

Completion date

Total cost

Breakdown of the separate costs of labor and materials, so you can compare between quotes

All quotes should be dated and signed by both you and the owner of the painting contractor


First impressions are the most important

You should pay special attention to a contractor’s personal presentation. If they’re professional, polite, business-like and well-prepared, then they’ll probably give you a good quality paint job.


Licensed and insured

Always ask to see a painting contractor’s current licensing and insurance documents. It’s important to deal only with insured contractors, so that you cannot be held responsible for any injuries to painting crew members while working in or around your home.


Always use a written contract

In order to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that you receive the results you expect, all painting jobs should be based on a written contract signed by you and the painting contractor. If a painting contract contains any terms that you don’t understand, you should ask that a written explanation be included within the contract.


Payment suggestions

★  Never pay in cash, and never pay anyone other than the painting contractor company itself

★  Pay no more than 10% of the total agreed price for the job upfront, or $1000, whichever of the two is less

★  Keep a record of all payments

★  Make the final payment only when you’re completely satisfied with the results

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