Roof Coating

Roof coating for the desert

Roof coating is a necessity in the desert heat. Because of the specificities of the weather in Tucson, roof coating has to use special material.

We coat flat roofs with STAY-KOOL® elastomeric coatings. STA-KOOL is the best choice for roof coating here for several reasons:


Performance: It seals & prolongs your roof life;


Savings: It helps reduces A/C costs;


Environment: STA-KOOL is water- based and uses eco-advanced chemicals.

A proven process

Bear Canyon Painting Contractors
provides superior roof coating services
by employing the following steps:
  1. We prepare your roof by power-washing and TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), which eliminates chalky surfaces (which would cause a coating failure).
  2. We utilize Elastomeric Roof Patch to apply to all scuppers, vents, sky lights, air conditioning or swamp cooler units.
  3. We prime with one coat over all soiled or exposed tar/paper.
  4. We apply an additional two coats over the entire roof surface.
The application of STA-KOOL advanced
elastomeric coatings forms a thick
rubbery shield that is modified with
silicon resins to provide unbeatable
waterproofing protection and adhesion.

This heat reduction saves your roof
by limiting thermal shock and extends
its useful life.

It help you save on energy cost over
the years. The product reflects sun heat
and destructive UV rays to drastically
reduce roof temperatures.

They can be applied as part of a roof
or wall system during the construction
stage, in retrofit, or as a maintenance
application. Both primer and finish
coats can be spray applied to ensure
quick application, consistent
appearance and a durable finish.

STA-KOOL advanced elastomeric
coatings provides a 7- or a 10-Year
Ultra White Siliconized Elastomeric
Roof Coating Warranty.
STA-KOOL advanced elastomeric coatings provides a 7- or a 10-Year Ultra White Siliconized Elastomeric Roof Coating Warranty.



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In Memoriam

In June of 2019, the founder of Bear Canyon Painting, Roger Robinson, suddenly passed away.

A true master painter who developed his craft over a career of 30 years, Roger founded Bear Canyon Painting with the mission to give local home owners an ever-present joy in owning a piece of our Tucson region.

Roger was concerned with the development of houses in Tucson landscape. For this reason, he strived to use eco-friendly products, to preserve nature sa much as possible.

Bear Canyon Painting has been taken over by Roger’s family, and we aim to pursue and preservethe legacy of our founder.

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