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Bear Canyon Painting Contractors is Tucson’s leading exterior painter. We offer full finishing services, including pressure-washing external surfaces to remove mildew, dirt and old, loose paint. We expertly prepare all surfaces before priming and applying long-lasting, elegant finish coats of paint.

At Bear Canyon Painting, our highly-experienced teams work quickly and cleanly, and we’re known throughout the Pima County area for the quality and thoroughness of our work.

We’ve been proudly serving the local community’s painting needs for more than 20 years, and we can make your home look like new.

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When it comes to exterior painting, we’re quick, clean, and well organized. We follow a tried-and-true 7-step process for each job, which includes completely preparing all surfaces to be painted, protecting valuables and non-painting areas, and final clean-up.

1.  Trenching around the foundation.  Before painting, we prepare and clear the perimeter of your home’s foundation below the ground line, in order to ensure that your home is painted completely and to prevent paint from touching your plants or landscaping.

2.  Pressure-washing.  We always pressure-wash exterior surfaces with a high-power, oscillating-head washer to remove loose paint, dirt, grease, chalk deposits, mold and mildew. Pressure-washing provides a clean surface for good adhesion.

3.  Complete surface preparation.  We wire-brush and scrape all exterior surfaces before painting, to ensure perfect adhesion. We clean and remove dust from all surfaces to be painted. We also clean, fill and sand any large cracks, countersink nail heads, sand any glossy areas, seal and caulk doors and windows as needed. And, we apply a top-quality primer with strong stain-blocking power to any exposed wood or stained areas.

During the preparation phase, Bear Canyon Painting crews also cover plants and landscaping, walkways and furniture with tarps or plastic sheeting.  We also prepare your front door for our “Elegant Touch” finish to give visitors a breathtaking first impression of your home.

To prepare the surfaces and seams where roofs meet exterior walls, we rebuild parapets with joint & crack sealant compounds, and we coat the tops of walls, parapets, and horizontal surfaces with special elastomeric sealant. And, we repair all cracks in stucco surfaces with Duratex stucco products. We also treat exterior wood surfaces, beams, lintels and posts with a super sealant to keep moisture out.

In order to be especially thorough in preparing exterior surfaces for painting, we make sure that “weep screeds” are properly attached at the foot of walls and other places where moisture collects, so water is properly drained away from your walls.

After many years of experience, we’re experts at blending repairs into existing surfaces so that they’re undetectable or barely noticeable.

4.  Flex-Prime™  For super-smooth stucco applications, we use Flex-Prime™. It’s a top-quality exterior and interior masonry primer designed to provide the best flexibility. It’s also highly resistant to efflorescence, chalking and alkali buildup. Flex-Prime™ bridges over thin cracks in masonry surfaces, and it gives a flexible seal.  

5.  Second coat.  As a topcoat we apply EVERSHIELD®, a premium acrylic exterior flat paint that’s formulated to offer the best protection against color-fade from sunlight and UV exposure. It’s also great protection against efflorescence, water intrusion, peeling and blistering. We prefer it because it gives our customers’ homes exceptional durability, easy coverage and good adhesion. We use on masonry, block, stucco, wood, plaster and metal.

Bear Canyon Painting crews paint exterior walls by spraying and back-rolling. This method lets us reach the cracks and corners for complete coverage. One member of the crew sprays an exterior wall while another painter immediately follows behind with a roller. Later, the crew sprays the final topcoat in the opposite direction to the first coat, in order to ensure total coverage.

We also rely on another product, SPARTASHIELD®, which is a top-quality flat acrylic paint with superior performance, including exceptional anti-fading color retention and long-term durability. It’s versatile and easy to apply, especially as a self-priming solid finish for new or already-painted wood. It also works well for masonry, block, concrete, tilt-up, stucco, plaster and metal exterior surfaces.

6.  Inspection & documentation.  The owner of Bear Canyon Painting, Roger Robinson, carefully inspects each job daily to ensure homeowners’ satisfaction. We also provide painting documentation, since our finishes last so long that customers tend to forget the technical details of our finishes.

And, since our focus is on customer satisfaction, we also provide a client comment card on each job so that we can learn from your feedback.

7.  Clean-up.  After completing the painting job to your satisfaction, we clean up the entire work area. We always remove trash and leave your home “broom clean.” And, of course we always provide properly-labeled touch-up paint for your future use.


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Bear Canyon Painting Contractors offers comprehensive exterior painting, staining, stucco and sealing work for:

Windows and doors

Garages, including garage doors and floors

Gates and fences, both wood and metal

Masonry and block walls

Stucco repairs and painting

Decks, railing, staircases, trim, fascia and other exterior wood surfaces

Concrete floors

Wrought iron furniture, fences and gates



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