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Interior Painting

A home in Tucson represents a major investment, perhaps the biggest investment of your lifetime. So, it makes good sense to take care of it by performing regular maintenance, including top-quality painting.

Whether you need a single room painted, or the entire house, Bear Canyon Painting Contractors offers Tucson’s best value in professional painting and finishing services. Our highly experienced crews offer Pima County’s finest surface preparation, painting and clean-up services.

Quality interior paints

Visit our Interior Painting Gallery to see the quality of our work.
Residential Interior Painting

We insist on using high-quality, long-lasting finishes. All the rooms you’ll see pictured in our Gallery were painted with two coats of Dunn Edwards SUPREMA®

SUPREMA® is a premium acrylic low-sheen paint designed especially for interior walls. It offers an elegant, durable finish and it’s available in a variety of sheens including gloss, semi-gloss, low-sheen, eggshell, and flat. It has exceptional hiding ability plus superior adhesion to existing enamel-painted surfaces.

SUPREMA® flows smoothly and it forms a washable surface, so it’s ideal for bathroom and kitchen walls, trim, windows and doors, cabinets, handrails, and all other high-traffic surfaces. It dries quickly, so it’s the best choice for your interior walls and ceilings.

The Bear Canyon Painting Process

We paint each home to the top standards of professional finishing. To ensure best appearance and longest life that will exceed your highest expectations, we use a 5-step process.

1.  Protection.  First, we move all heavy furniture to the center of each room to be painted, and cover it with plastic sheeting. And, we cover the flooring with drop cloths. Small items and valuables are covered or removed from the room.

2.  Surface preparation.  Our crews fill all major cracks and holes in walls, ceilings and trim. If necessary to ensure good adhesion, walls are cleaned to remove grease. All filled or repaired areas are primed, and stains are double-primed to ensure hiding. We also:

Re-caulk all door jambs, baseboards, window seals, shelving and countertops

Remove electrical switch plates

Remove or mask lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and door hardware

Repair all drywall holes and cracks

Prime all stained or water-damaged areas

Lightly sand all doors and other woodwork

Perform minor carpentry work if necessary


3.  Painting.  The prepared walls, ceilings and trim are painted with high-quality interior paint as mentioned above. In all homes, our crews apply two coats of paint. Most jobs take between three to six days. During the painting phase, all work is inspected each day by Roger Robinson, owner of Bear Creek Painting, to ensure a perfect finish for your home.

4.  Clean-up.  The job is completed in sections, and each section is thoroughly cleaned to remove any excess materials, spatters, or tools. At the end of each workday, our team completes the painting and cleans the area. Furniture and floors are uncovered, furniture is properly repositioned, and floors are swept or vacuumed.

5.  Inspection.  Once the job is completed, the homeowner inspects our work. We invite your valuable feedback through our job survey. Also, we invite you to mark any areas that you want us to repaint.


Our services


Bear Canyon Painting Contractors provides flawless interior painting. We specialize in applying superior finishes to:


Wood doors and paneling

Vaulted ceilings

Two-story entries

Wallpaper removal

Popcorn removal

Cabinet sanding and painting

Trim, doors and windows

Wood staining and finishing


Window re-glazing

Caulking countertops

Sheetrock/drywall repairs and painting

Textured finishes

Detailed and artistic finishes

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